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With video, you can expect nearly 100% viewership.Your website / video presentation is your voice, your personality. It says who you are.

With High 5 Productions they capture your personality and your uniqueness so that your business is not just another business out there but a unique piece of work that shares your vision.

The concept, script writing, filming, editing, jingles, are just some of the services High 5 offers.

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As you know we live a fast paced world that is filled with competition for market share and customers. What better way to get you message across, build brand awareness or sell your products or services than with a video!

COST-EFFECTIVE: A well-scripted, short video can give as much information and say more about your company than an entire stack of printed materials!

Video presents standardized information for every viewer, every time. Remember, a video never has a bad day and nothing gets watered down over time!

Video makes a great ice-breaker for sales calls on new prospects. Rather than the salesperson trying to give a mental image of the company, video can do it with pictures, music and exciting special effects. A corporate overview video can also create a friendly, caring image for your company by introducing viewers to upper management and key members of your staff, which helps put a “face with the name.”

 With video, you can expect nearly 100% viewership. Market studies show that nearly everyone given a promotional video will watch the Presentation or DVD in its entirety.

MULTIPLE USES AND VERSATILITY: The same video can be used at sales meetings, trade shows, point-of-purchase displays, for customer training and as a video brochure.

Video saves travel costs. Using a video in lieu of the trip can substantially decrease your cost per customer contact. High 5 can also reproduce the video message in any language in the world and provide it many different formats allowing it to be sent as a DVD, emailed as a web link or played from a hard drive.

 With video, you have complete control over the message. Viewers are presented with only the information you want them to receive, in the exact order you want them to receive it.

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